Corporate Wellness

18 May 2021, Tuesday

Improve productivity, behaviour and performance and reduce the RISKS of both employer and employee through preventative strategies and activities!…..

In today’s extremely busy and high performance work environment, employees expect employers to provide a range of wellness options. Regardless of what type of business you own or company you manage, a well-designed health/wellness program saves much more money than it costs through reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Corporate wellness is essential to every organisation – big or small. Workplace stress, anxiety and depression, costs businesses billions of Rand every year, with stress and back problems cited as the main reason for workplace absenteeism. The growing popularity of Corporate Wellness Programmes in South Africa is set to dramatically cut the country’s annual R12 billion absenteeism bill and improve productivity

Workplace wellness programmes are organised programmes that are intended to assist employees and their family members in making voluntary behaviour changes.

The social benefits from well designed wellness programs will show a decrease in conflicts in the work-environment as well as lower rates of domestic violence and child abuse. Communities, individuals, families, the private sector, and governments all have roles and responsibilities with respect to wellness.


A necessity – not just nice to have…

Wellness programmes make a huge impact on the bottom line because health is vital in the workplace. These programmes are not just nice to have but essentially a workplace strategy to improve productivity and ensure employee wellbeing.

A comprehensive well managed Employee Wellness Programme is the key to preventative health. It allows for early detection of all major health problems, and therefore enables companies to provide staff with tailor made staff interventions. It also enables companies to better understand the causes of absenteeism.


A preventative and proactive approach

The objective of a wellness programme is to improve the health of staff, reduce their injury risks, improve their health consumer skills and well-being and enhance their individual productivity. This can be achieved through a proactive and preventative approached to health care.


Benefits of a wellness programme

A healthier more motivated, productive and satisfied team of employees!

  • Reduced costs due to absenteeism
  • Savings in company health care costs
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased loyalty


Why implement a wellness programme?

Wellness programmes make good business sense. According to the stats, 95% of Fortune 500 companies in the US have employee wellness programmes. They have noted a significant correlation between employee wellness and improvements in the workplace morale, loyalty, reductions in business costs, performance and profits.

Companies need to create a culture of health within the workforce and this can be done through a customised wellness programme. These programmes should ideally plan to evaluate the employees’ health status and needs and include an extensive follow-up component to support and reinforce the behaviour change of the employee .


Experience is key…..

However, in order to achieve this, you need to employ an experienced and specialised Corporate Wellness consultant. This will ensure the best service, information, suggestions and advice from experts in the wellness/medical field. By consulting with an specialised wellness consultant, you ensure that the programmes you implement will be specifically designed to address the organisational and personal aspects of your corporate health/wellness goals.

A specialised corporate & executive program is able to transform a routine medical check-up into a personalized health experience. Experienced medical staff and lifestyle professionals will offer a convenient and in-depth analysis; including screening, diagnostic testing, and a physical exam that provides expert insight into an executive’s current medical, physical, and emotional health followed by a suggestive Plan of Action.


What are the results?

Specialized executive health & corporate programs empower a win-win situation – for both the company as well as the employee – by promoting healthy lifestyles (i.e. improving the quality of life) and expanding the possibilities for individual/professional achievement.


What should be provided?

Programs need to be developed and initiated in close collaboration with a team of multi-disciplined doctors and wellness practitioners.

Promoting healthy life styles and increasing the employee’s quality of life (as therefore their productivity) will create the ultimate balance between personal and professional peak performance.

Although employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of employee wellness, there are many programs that on the surface seem successful, but in actual fact are wasting money. Employers need to ensure the wellness consultants are specialists and qualified to design and implement a successful wellness programme.

Also, incentive delivery systems based on a combination of cash, gift cards, and prepaid cards ultimately cost the company money as these incentives often fail to engage the employees long term, are difficult if not impossible to track, and cannot be tied back to behavioural analytics.


What is an effective Wellness Programme

  • One in which all staff are treated equally
  • Confidentiality is ensured
  • All aspects of health are taken into consideration (Holistic approach)
  • Staff utilize the programme voluntarily