How do I learn more about LIVON Corporate Health?

Choose the method that’s most convenient for you:

  1. Explore our website.
  2. Contact the LIVON team on +27 (031) 312 4995 or marketing@livonhealth.co.za
  3. Submit a Request for Corporate Wellness, and a LIVON team member will contact you.


How do I determine which LIVON Corporate Wellness programmes are best suited for my employee population?

LIVON Health Educators use a variety of methods to help you determine which programmes are best by discussing your business, employee needs, and interests related to health and wellness. Your ideas and interests combined with our expert recommendations result in comprehensive wellness programmes and resources that best serve your business and employees. To learn more, please call, +27 (031) 312 4995 or email  marketing@livonhealth.co.za

How does LIVON determine which corporate wellness services and programmes are best suited for my employee population?

The LIVON team uses a Health Management and Best Practice scorecard to assess and score employers. Our Health Educators analyze these results and provide recommendations for an effective health and wellness promotion programme for your company.

Why should I offer LIVON Corporate Health to my employees?

Healthier businesses make healthier communities. LIVON Corporate Health can help you improve productivity and manage costs. Research demonstrates that wellness programmes can increase employee engagement, positively affect recruitment and retention, and communicate that your company cares about employees and their families. LIVON can assist your business with promoting a culture of wellness to improve employee health and wellbeing, and positively affect absenteeism, presenteeism, and morale—all of which lead to greater productivity.

Where are LIVON Wellness Days held?

LIVON brings the Wellness Day to you! We have experience coordinating Wellness Days during all business hours and production shifts, including evenings and weekends, and in a variety of work/production spaces. Our Health Educators will discuss your event’s time, space, and location during your company’s needs assessment stage. To learn more, please contact us at (031) 312 4995, or email marketing@livonhealth.co.za

Not all of our company’s employees are enrolled in our health plan. Would non-enrolled employees be able to participate in the LIVON Corporate Wellness programmes?

This is your choice. LIVON can include enrolled and non-enrolled employees, spouses, and adult dependents. We will discuss your options with you. We do encourage companies to include all employees in wellness screenings and services, as these employees are a part of your company’s culture and your wellness culture.

How much lead-time is needed to coordinate a Wellness Day?

A minimum of 30-60 days is required to plan a successful Wellness Day (depending on your needs). LIVON does the work for you! Our LIVON team will meet with you to discuss your interests and needs, schedule your event, and coordinate the details.

    • Our team coordinates our clinicians
    • Our staff designs and provides marketing materials to promote your event(s) to employees
    • We take care of room setup, décor, and break down

In addition, LIVON evaluates the event and provides you with a Wellness Report of outcomes, including some next steps that your company can take to further enhance employee health.

Alternatively, if the company wishes to organise their own Wellness Day and just have the Health professionals available for screenings etc, this can also be arranged.

Are the screenings and services provided at a Wellness Day interactive with employees?

All screenings and services are interactive and provided by qualified clinicians or health professionals. Employees receive individual and confidential attention at each service. Please contact us at (031) 312 4995 or email marketing@livonhealth.co.za with specific questions about each screening.

What costs are associated with LIVON Corporate Wellness programmes?

LIVON Corporate Wellness services are available to all employers. Rates and fees vary based on group size and selected services. Select discounts are available. Our LIVON team is available to discuss your interests and prepare a customized no-obligation proposal. Please contact a LIVON team member to learn more at (031) 312 4995 or email us on marketing@livonhealth.co.za

In today’s economic climate wouldn’t the Board see it as a luxury?

Employers have a legal duty of care to their employees and it costs you more money if you get it wrong.  When you look at the benefits vs the costs to your business from absenteeism alone, employee wellbeing shouldn’t be regarded as a luxury, but a necessity.

What’s the difference between Health & Safety and a Wellness programme?

Health & Safety was originally established to address accident and injury prevention within the workplace in a much more industrial era.  Since then our working practises have changed to become ever more sedentary. This is directly leading to an increase in chronic disease and rising costs to businesses.  Health & Safety is changing and now includes looking after the wellness of employees, and there will be stricter compliance guidelines around this over the next few years.