HIV / AIDS Programmes

shutterstock_155758349Today, staff are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. It is essential to change both the employer and the employee’s attitude towards the management of HIV/AIDS.

Our team of experts have had extensive experience in helping organisations set up policies and procedures, strategies, training programmes and most important, wellness programmes that offer tried and tested management and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

We are unique in that we offer support, advice and counselling on a one-on-one basis. (NO call centres, not impersonal). Our programmes are based on years of practical implementation and management.

The HIV/AIDS programme includes:
  • A workplace HIV policy
  • Focus on the unique needs and requirements of the organisation
  • Integrate the services into the overall management and wellness strategy of the organisation
  • Training for Line Managers – managing HIV positive employees
  • Provide a holistic service that will also impact on managing a stressful career and serve as a resource to maintain the highest level of efficiency and productivity
  • Voluntary counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS
  • Onsite counselling and support by our qualified health professionals
  • Constant management of HIV positive employees
  • Treatment (CD4 count, vitamin supplementation, lifestyle changes, examinations, ARV treatment)
  • Wellness day events including World Aids Day campaigns
  • Ensuring employee confidentiality is maintained
The key objectives of the HIV/AIDS wellness programme will be:
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the impact of HIV/AIDS on both the organisation and organisational behaviour
  • Strengthen the bonds between management and employees and the organisation through identifying areas of concern related to employee wellness and HIV/AIDS
  • To provide employees and their family members experiencing personal difficulties with a resource and knowledge to help them address personal problems related to HIV/AIDS
  • To provide management with a practical resource to aid in the supervision of employees with work-hampering personal problems
  • To help identify ways to reduce costs related to the full spectrum of personal problems that can threaten the attitude, attendance, and general productivity of employees
  • To provide all participants with the knowledge necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle whether living with HIV/AIDS or without HIV/AIDS
  • We also offer HIV/AIDS training for management i.e. supervisors, managers, senior management, medical and HR staff which is a key factor in establishing a successful and well-utilised programme

We Identify the problem and provide the solution